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In My Kitchen Sink

First I’m going to show you my progress on my next mini carpet, Heath Lodge, and then I’m going to horrify some of you.

Week 3

Week 3

Week 4

Week 4

Okay now, those of you who are sensitive about how finished work is treated: look away now.

This is how I wash my finished carpets. I swish them around in the kitchen sink with a squirt of dish soap and warm water. (Uh oh. Someone didn’t look away and I can hear the screaming now.) Seriously, this is how I wash them. After a good rinse I squeeze them out, pull them into shape and iron them dry. If you follow my recommended stitching method they’ll stand up to a fair amount of tugging around.


A Quick Tease

BrightSea Village’s Carousel is now in the final stages of the “post production” phase, but I thought I’d give the miniature carpet lovers among you something to look forward to.

I’m already a week into stitching the next carpet. It’s called Heath Lodge and is similar in style to the recently released Robillard Ramble. Once I’ve made a bit more progress I’ll show you how it’s going. For now, here’s a peek at the colours I’m using.


Happy stitching, all.