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Minutes Away From A Finish

Just a little bit more back-stitching and I’ll have finished stitching BrightSea Village‘s Toy Shop.  And of course I’m all ready to get started on my next project – my second Pyramajig, Trick Or Treat. I already know what I want to stitch after that and am super excited about it so I’ll be stitching as fast as I can.

Toy Shop Progress Report

Only one and a bit walls to go. I so want to get started on my next project (isn’t that always the way?) so I’m stitching as often as I can.

I’m Still Stitching

This is where I’m up to on BrightSea Village’s Toy Shop.

I’ve finished two other projects in the months since I released The Vardo for BrightSea Village but I’m waiting for my IT person to have time to do his magic.

Quick Catch Up

Since I last posted – it’s been a while, I know – I’ve finished Spot, my second Couch Critter, plus Beckside West, my latest mini carpet. Both of these should be released soon, all going well. Today I’ve started stitching my next BrightSea Village Extra. (All guesses welcome.)