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New Start

I’m whipping through this project.  I say to myself “I’ll just finish this thread,” and two hours later I do. This is my new Pyramajig – Trick or Treat.

Minutes Away From A Finish

Just a little bit more back-stitching and I’ll have finished stitching BrightSea Village‘s Toy Shop.  And of course I’m all ready to get started on my next project – my second Pyramajig, Trick Or Treat. I already know what I want to stitch after that and am super excited about it so I’ll be stitching as fast as I can.

Introducing . . .

Because I seem to favour clothing with ridiculously small (if any) pockets, and after a few close calls in the bathroom, I decided I needed this for my phone. You wear it like a cross-body bag under or over a jacket. My phone measures 7cm x 14cm (2 3/4″ x 5 1/2″) and fits nicely. If your phone is bigger you can easily extend the border to your required size.
Completed Telephone Booth Pocket on a String
Also I am releasing another new miniature carpet. River Road Vineyard is based on the first dollhouse carpet I ever designed over twenty years ago and features grapes and vine leaves on a cream and blue background.

Presenting: Beckside West and Spot

Fiesta, my first Couch Critter, now has a friend, Spot. I loved stitching him with all the bright colours. (Couch Critters can be stitched as a small animal shaped cushion or framed as a picture.)
Beckside West carpetAlso, this is my new miniature carpet – Beckside WestBeckside West.

Quick Catch Up

Since I last posted – it’s been a while, I know – I’ve finished Spot, my second Couch Critter, plus Beckside West, my latest mini carpet. Both of these should be released soon, all going well. Today I’ve started stitching my next BrightSea Village Extra. (All guesses welcome.)