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What’s New, Pussycat?

If you’ve stitched a few of my BrightSea Village patterns you’ll have noticed almost every pattern  has at least one cat. Yes, I’m a wannabe cat lady. I love cats but have to enjoy the company of neighbourhood cats and friends’ furry friends. For a long time I debated between designing a cat cafe or a crazy cat lady’s house for BrightSea Village. In the end I compromised with Mr.Jinx’s Home For Retired Cat Ladies. (Mr.Jinx was my first cat.)

I’m almost finished the second side and am having so much fun stitching it.

Bon Appetit! Plus: Introducing Svendborg

The Starfish Restaurant is now open for business! I hope collectors of BrightSea Village will enjoy stitching this one as much as I did.

Also, I absolutely sped through stitching Svendborg so I’m releasing my new dollhouse carpet pattern today too.

I am now working on the next BrightSea Village addition and I’ve been wanting to stitch this on so badly. If you’ve stitched a few BrightSea Village patterns you might have guessed that I like cats. There are always some lurking around. So now I am working on . . . Mr.Jinx’s Home For Retired Cat Ladies!

New Designs Coming Out Soon

Oops! I haven’t posted here for ages. Must have been too busy stitching. Brightsea Village’s restaurant, The Starfish is on the brink of being released (hopefully this month).

Meanwhile I am zipping through the stitching of the next mini carpet, Svendborg. I am frantic to finish because I can’t wait to start the next BrightSea Village house. Every time I design something new I look forward to stitching it but I am super excited about this one. Wait and see!

Not Just Stitching

You know, there are other ways you can use your stitching patterns. I have used some of mine for latch-hooked rugs, knitting designs and, recently, mosaic. This one was done with junk mail cut into 2mm squares, using part of my Bee Happy Pyramajig pattern.

The Starfish Restaurant – Opening Soon

I’m on the final side of BrightSea Village’s restaurant. Of course I’m already looking forward to my next project and have my fabric and cottons picked out in anticipation.

Happy stitching!