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New Designs Coming Out Soon

Oops! I haven’t posted here for ages. Must have been too busy stitching. Brightsea Village’s restaurant, The Starfish is on the brink of being released (hopefully this month).

Meanwhile I am zipping through the stitching of the next mini carpet, Svendborg. I am frantic to finish because I can’t wait to start the next BrightSea Village house. Every time I design something new I look forward to stitching it but I am super excited about this one. Wait and see!

Not Just Stitching

You know, there are other ways you can use your stitching patterns. I have used some of mine for latch-hooked rugs, knitting designs and, recently, mosaic. This one was done with junk mail cut into 2mm squares, using part of my Bee Happy Pyramajig pattern.

That Moment When . . .

. . . you realise the piece of fabric you’re stitching on is too short.

Luckily I always stitch the edges of my mini carpets first.

I’ve finished the BrightSea Village Cinema and am just allowing myself a little stitching time on Bjerreby, the new carpet, before I stitch up the cinema (my least favourite part of the process).

Progress On BrightSea Village’s Cinema

Hi, fellow stitchers. I hope you’re all keeping safe out there.

The back wall and roof of the Lido Cinema have now been stitched and it just gets more interesting from here. I’m looking forward to getting stuck into the front.

Productivity In Isolation

What a crazy time this is. I hope you and those you hold dear will come through the pandemic safely.

Like many parts of the world New Zealand is in lockdown. We stay in our homes with only the people we live with or, as we call it, “our bubbles” and only venture out for essential purposes. I’ve been making use of this time in isolation to work on my stitching. I have been distracted from stitching by my one year old grand-daughter (first grandchild). Anything dangerous seems to draw her like a magnet so scissors and needles get hidden well away while she is here and often get left hidden away. I dearly miss her visits while we are in lockdown but now that I can keep my stitching out I am progressing well on the BrightSea Village Needlecraft shop.

As well as getting back into my stitching again I’ve felt inspired to design again too. I had begun to think that the “Nifty Needle” would be the last building in the BrightSea Village collection but over the last few days I’ve been working on a new building and I’m so looking forward to stitching it now so I imagine I’ll be racing to get my current and next projects stitched so I can start it.

Wherever you are please keep safe and, as we Kiwis say, stay in your bubble.