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One Panel To Go

I’m almost disappointed to be getting towards a finish because I’ve enjoyed stitching Once Upon A Midnight so much. I’m sorely tempted to stitch the next Tick Or Treat clock next but I have a couple of other projects to stitch first.

Once Upon A Midnight Progress

I’m absolutely enjoying stitching with these colours. Just about halfway through now.

Also: BrightSea Village’s Toy Shop should be released in the next few days.

Another New Beginning

I feel like I’m having a stitching frenzy at the moment. I’m loving the colours I’m working with and really have to force myself to put down my needle.

This is Once Upon A Midnight, the first design in a collection I’m calling Tick Or Treat. If been playing with the idea of doing a set of 3D clocks for some time. About a month ago the thought of making them spooky clocks jumped into my head and I immediately created a couple of designs and have a few more whirling around in my head.