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What’s On At the Movies?

It’s been a year of stops and starts with my stitching. I’ve only just finished the front of BrightSea Village’s Cinema and am now starting on one of the sides. Hoping there will be no more interruptions to my stitching routine.

Keep safe out there and happy stitching!

I’ve Been Busy

BrightSea Village now has it’s own needlecraft shop, The Nifty Needle. I so wish there was a real Nifty Needle handy to where I live. I’d love to shop there. Also de Malmanche Demesne is ready to be rolled out on a dollhouse floor (or framed and hung). And because I’m still as eager to stitch as ever I’m already over a quarter of the way through stitching the next addition to BrightSea Village, the Lido cinema. That’s the back that I’ve stitched so far. I try to save the most exciting side to stitch last.

Not Quite Enough

So close to finishing BrightSea Village’s Needlework shop when I ran out of one colour (just near needle in picture). (Doesn’t that always happen.) As soon as our lockdown restrictions loosened a little I ordered some online. Guess which colour was out of stock?

Good news. Put in another order last night and it appears to be available.

In the meantime I’ve started on the next mini carpet, de Malmanche Demesne. Loving these gorgeous colours.

Keep stitching and keep safe, people.

Picking Up The Needle

The fabric of my life has frayed a bit over the past few months but now I’m gathering the threads together again. (See what I did there?) Even my stitching got put aside for a while and the longer I left it the less inclined I felt to resume stitching. Yesterday I made myself pick up the needle and stitch, just for fifteen minutes I thought. Boom! The joy of stitching surged back through my veins. Now I’m keen as ever to stitch so I’m back to work on the BrightSea Village Needlecraft Shop and having fun.

BrightSea Village Needlecraft Shop Progress

I’m going well on the back wall. Two of the villagers are sitting out in the sun stitching, knitting and having a good old chat.

I’m not that keen on back stitching (is anyone?) so I make myself do one strand of it every fourth needle threading.