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Quick Catch Up

Since I last posted – it’s been a while, I know – I’ve finished Spot, my second Couch Critter, plus Beckside West, my latest mini carpet. Both of these should be released soon, all going well. Today I’ve started stitching my next BrightSea Village Extra. (All guesses welcome.)

A Friend For Fiesta

Happy new year, fellow stitchers. Hoping 2022 brings good things.

While BrightSea Village’s Mr. Jinx’s Home For Retired Cat Ladies is nearly ready to release I’ve been having fun stitching my next Couch Critter. I love working with bright colours.


What’s New, Pussycat?

If you’ve stitched a few of my BrightSea Village patterns you’ll have noticed almost every pattern  has at least one cat. Yes, I’m a wannabe cat lady. I love cats but have to enjoy the company of neighbourhood cats and friends’ furry friends. For a long time I debated between designing a cat cafe or a crazy cat lady’s house for BrightSea Village. In the end I compromised with Mr.Jinx’s Home For Retired Cat Ladies. (Mr.Jinx was my first cat.)

I’m almost finished the second side and am having so much fun stitching it.

Bon Appetit! Plus: Introducing Svendborg

The Starfish Restaurant is now open for business! I hope collectors of BrightSea Village will enjoy stitching this one as much as I did.

Also, I absolutely sped through stitching Svendborg so I’m releasing my new dollhouse carpet pattern today too.

I am now working on the next BrightSea Village addition and I’ve been wanting to stitch this on so badly. If you’ve stitched a few BrightSea Village patterns you might have guessed that I like cats. There are always some lurking around. So now I am working on . . . Mr.Jinx’s Home For Retired Cat Ladies!