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Here’s Heath Lodge

You know each new mini carpet I release becomes my latest favourite but I’m so in love with this one. After Robillard Ramble I got the bug for the antique French look and designed a couple more. I can just imagine them in a dollhouse Petit Trianon. So . . . here’s Heath Lodge.


I’m now happily stitching the next addition to BrightSea Village. It’s something flashy. (I’m trying to be all mysterious here, but last time I did that it took about ten minutes before someone clever had guessed what I was doing.)

In My Kitchen Sink

First I’m going to show you my progress on my next mini carpet, Heath Lodge, and then I’m going to horrify some of you.

Week 3

Week 3

Week 4

Week 4

Okay now, those of you who are sensitive about how finished work is treated: look away now.

This is how I wash my finished carpets. I swish them around in the kitchen sink with a squirt of dish soap and warm water. (Uh oh. Someone didn’t look away and I can hear the screaming now.) Seriously, this is how I wash them. After a good rinse I squeeze them out, pull them into shape and iron them dry. If you follow my recommended stitching method they’ll stand up to a fair amount of tugging around.