Where I’m Up To

I know I’ve been quiet for a few weeks. I’ll use the excuse that I’ve been busy stitching – and I have been.

Lower Whilborough, my next Arts & Crafts style miniature carpet, just needs washing and stretching into shape before I can photograph it. And my next blackwork piece, the elf shoe Christmas stocking, has just been lined and ElfLWstitched together but I don’t know what I’m going to call it yet. I’m still waiting for inspiration to strike. Then there’s the boring “post production” bits to do but all going well these two designs should be ready to roll by July.

Of course I’ve already started stitching the next thing. A rather exciting (I think) new addition to BrightSea Village. Stitching this is like doing a jigsaw. When I know it’s time to put it away I still want to do just one more piece. I won’t give what it is away yet but I will give you one little hint to chew on: it has a horse in it.


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