BSV #17 – Mr. Jinx’s Home for Retired Cat Ladies


The cat ladies of BrightSea love living at Mr. Jinx’s home for retired cat ladies along with their furry friends. Smoky hides in the bushes, watching birds, Wally climbs the gazebo and Nutmeg swings from the curtains. There is plenty more mischief going on for you to find.

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  • 1 BrightSea Village Mr. Jinx’s Home for Retired Cat Ladies black and white chart and key to symbols
  • Recommended stitching methods.
  • Colour image of finished product.

You will need

  • Embroidery needle (size 26)
  • Scissors
  • 18hpi canvas 470mm x 540mm (18½” x 21¼”) or larger
  • DMC six strand embroidery cotton
  • Mill Hill beads

Full details are in the pack.

The completed product measures approximately 130mm high x 105mm long x 80mm wide (approx 5⅛” x 4⅛” x 3⅛”) worked on 18hpi canvas.

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