Right On Time

In the past whenever I’ve announced that I intended to release new designs by a certain time something or other has always happened to delay that. This time I kept my mouth shut until recently and planned to have the next two designs ready to go by April. Deadline beaten! They’re ready to roll now.

My new mini rug 221B was designed with a mini detective in mind. I can just picture a tiny Sherlock Holmes pacing back and forth on it, pondering some conundrum. It’s in shades of brown and rich reds (all the better to disguise bloodstains.)

BrightSea Village followers, I apologise for teasing you with vague hints about the new house. Actually that’s not a worthwhile apology because I will do it to you again. Wait until you see what I’m doing next . . .. But anyway, I hope you’ll like BrightSea Village #10 The House of Haunts. I had so much fun with this one. There’s a cat riding a broomstick, a dapper vampire with his pet bats, a scarecrow unsuccessfully guarding the pumpkin patch, and loads more.


2 thoughts on “Right On Time

  1. Joanne P

    I discovered your work via Jan’s Thread Medley blog and just love your 3D houses. This one is definitely my favourite!
    I’m supposed to be doing the Stitch from Stash challenge and keeping my spending down but your projects have gone to the top of my Birthday list!


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