Extra #5 School Bus


Available again from May 1st 2019

The BrightSea school bus’s young passengers smile from the windows as they ride along with an entourage of gulls and butterflies flying along side. A friendly stowaway sits at the back.


  • 1 School Bus black and white chart and key to symbols
  • Recommended stitching methods.
  • Colour image of finished product.

You will need

  • Embroidery needle (size 26)
  • Scissors
  • 18hpi canvas 240mm x 350mm (9½” x 13¾”) or larger
  • DMC six strand embroidery cotton
  • Mill Hill beads

Full details are in the pack.

The completed product measures approximately 105mm long x 35mm wide x 58mm high (approx 4⅛” x 1 ⅜” x 2¼”) worked on 18hpi canvas.