High Five! First Finish For 2015

Happy new year, stitching friends. I hope there are good things ahead for you in 2015.

Hi5frog 221Bplate

I’ve had my first finish for the year already. I’ve taken the photo through a frosted plate so you can get a vague idea of it. This miniature carpet is called 221B. I name my mini carpets after people, places and sometimes books that mean something to me. No doubt most of you will have picked 221B as the address of the world’s most famous fictional detective, Sherlock Holmes. I love the books, the movies and many of the tv series’. There is also another fictional detective who lives at 221B (The Esplanade, not Baker Street) – Phryne Fisher – another of my favourites.

I’ve already started on my next building for BrightSea Village and will post pictures of my progress soon.

2 thoughts on “High Five! First Finish For 2015

  1. Vicki Meade

    OH wow, the belly and under of this frog is so nice!! Your picture that I saw didn’t show that side. I may be back for him in the future!!


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