Finger Work Out

This simple exercise has done wonders for the elbow and wrist pains I get when I’ve been stitching too long without a break. While I’m stitching I do it between cotton changes or whenever I think of it.

1. Touch your thumb to your forefinger.

P10104662. Touch your thumb to your middle finger.


3. Touch your thumb to your ring finger.


4. Touch your thumb to your pinkie. (This is not intended as a rude hand gesture.)


Repeat often.

If you suffer from stitchers’ aches and pains I hope this helps you.


Oh, and the stitching in the background? That’s my progress to date on the next Minute Matters carpet – Lower Whilborough. I’m almost finished working the border and am looking forward to starting on the juicy bit in the middle.

Happy stitching, all.


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