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Welcome To BrightSea Railway Station

BSV 8BrightSea’s railway station is a busy place. A porter pushes a trolley laden with mail sack and packages, a business man buys a snack from the vending machine and a skateboarder checks his texts. What else will you find as you stitch?

As always I had a great time designing and stitching this. Because I’ve designed a few more BrightSea Village Patterns before I stitch each one I’ve usually forgotten most of the details so I get to enjoy the thrill of discovering all those little things as I stitch.


BrightSea Railway Station – Making Progress

P1010144Only this much space to fill now and I’ve nearly finished stitching the roof. When I’m designing these I always worry about the roof. If I don’t put anything up there it’s going to be boring to stitch but how many things can you put on a roof? This time I’m going with bunting, balloons and skylights.

To all my readers and customers: however you celebrate this time of year I wish you all peace, joy and laughter. Be safe out there.

BrightSea Station – Here’s Where I’m Up To


I said I’d be finished weeks ago. I know, I know, I know. I’ve only got this much to go so (surely) it won’t be long now. I’m already starting to get excited about stitching up my next design so that usually makes me work a bit faster.


Something Different

Fauntleroy FrogMy local embroidery group issued a challenge for all members to create an embroidered item themed “The F Word”. I’ve never stitched or designed black work before but I felt like trying something different and Fauntleroy Frog here is the result. I was thrilled silly when, in a blind vote, he came second equal. Several members, on hearing I’d designed him, were eager for me to release the pattern. The design needs a bit of tweaking – turning him right side out involved some strong language and a pair of pliers – but maybe next year . . ..

Sneak Peek – BrightSea Village Railway Station

Waiting at the station.

Waiting at the station.

A patient passenger waits for me to finish stitching up BrightSea Station. Both sides are finished now and I’ve just started on the back/front/roof piece today.