Yeung Shing Progress

My next miniature carpet, Yeung Shing, is coming along rapidly. This was taken a couple of weeks back.

And this was yesterday.

Shades Of Blue

While the BrightSea Village Library is still (!) in its post-production stages this is what I’ve been getting on with. It’s the next miniature carpet, Yeung Shing.

The Last Page & The Next Chapter

All pieces of the BrightSea Village Library have now been stitched and are waiting for the addition of beads before assembly.

While my needle’s still hot I’m already starting on Yeung Shing, the next miniature carpet in my collection. Here are the colours I’m using.

Final Chapters

You know what it’s like when you’re down to the last few chapters of a really gripping book and you can’t wait to know how it ends? This is like that. I’m speeding along with the BrightSea Village Library and I’m so looking forward to seeing how it ‘s going to look when I’m finished. There’s one more wall to go after I’ve finished this panel.