Speed Stitching

After my false start with my next mini carpet, Bjerreby (see last post), I’m racing through it. I’m eager to finish so I can start the next project. I designed something a little different and now I can’t wait to get started. Look at these fabulous bright colours!

Also, the BrightSea Village Cinema is all stitched up and waiting to be released.

That Moment When . . .

. . . you realise the piece of fabric you’re stitching on is too short.

Luckily I always stitch the edges of my mini carpets first.

I’ve finished the BrightSea Village Cinema and am just allowing myself a little stitching time on Bjerreby, the new carpet, before I stitch up the cinema (my least favourite part of the process).

Coming Soon

I’m now working on the last side of BrightSea Village’s new Cinema. And because I immediately start stitching my next project as soon as the current one is finished I have the fabric and cottons all ready to go for Bjerreby, my next mini carpet.

What’s On At the Movies?

It’s been a year of stops and starts with my stitching. I’ve only just finished the front of BrightSea Village’s Cinema and am now starting on one of the sides. Hoping there will be no more interruptions to my stitching routine.

Keep safe out there and happy stitching!

Progress On BrightSea Village’s Cinema

Hi, fellow stitchers. I hope you’re all keeping safe out there.

The back wall and roof of the Lido Cinema have now been stitched and it just gets more interesting from here. I’m looking forward to getting stuck into the front.