Frame and hang him or make him into a Couch Critter. If you love vibrant colours, as I do, I think you’ll enjoy stitching Fiesta.

This is the first of a series of Couch Critters I’ve designed. I’m looking forward to building a colourful collection for my couch.


It’s A Couch Critter!

While Fiesta, the Couch Critter, waits to be released I am well into stitching The Starfish, BrightSea Village’s restaurant.

In the Corner

Just this little bit in the corner to finish now. This has been a fun stitch with all the bright colours. It’s a good project to take out and about because the repeating designs mean you don’t need to always be consulting your pattern.

Happy New Projects!

Bye bye, 2020! I hope 2021 is a much, much better year for our world.

BrightSea Village has its new cinema. (The four movies featured on its wall posters are all ocean related.)

Bjerreby, my latest dollhouse carpet is also ready to roll.

And here’s what I’m working on now. I’m loving these bright colours. (It’s going to be in the ElliXS section of my website and I’m going to be all mysterious about it for now.)