A Peek Through The Keyhole

Crow on a washing line.

Crow on a washing line.

The next Brightsea Village building is coming along well. I started stitching the last side this morning. I saved the most interesting side to stitch last so I should fly through the rest of this. Here you can see a crow on a clothesline and underneath him is a rather snarly looking dog. For now I’ll leave you to wonder what else might be going on.

My muse has been with me and I’ve been busy designing. I’ve come up with (yet another) Arts and Crafts style miniature carpet and two more Brightsea Village buildings that I can’t wait to stitch. I have to force myself to break from stitching regularly so I don’t get painful hands and arms again, but some days I am so tempted to just keep on stitching.

I already know what I’ll be stitching next. Soon I’ll gather the fabric and cottons together for that project so I’ll be ready to start it the minute I’ve completed the final stitch of this house.

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