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Three Down; One To Go

The stitching’s been slow but steady and I’ve now completed three sides of the next part of BrightSea Village. This piece actually appears in the stained glass window of the Wedding Chapel . No time to write more now. I’m too keen to get back to stitching the last side.

Balloons And Candyfloss

Loved stitching this one. Sure, I love stitching them all, but carousels make me feel so nostalgic. Introducing BrightSea Village’s new fairground attraction – The Carousel.


All The Fun Of The Fair In BrightSea

I love carousels. There’s a sense of magic about them. So of course the place of my daydreams – BrightSea Village – has to have one. Here’s my progress over the first three weeks.

1 Week

1 Week

2 Weeks

2 Weeks


Presenting Robillard Ramble

I’m quite amazed at how quickly I stitched Robillard Ramble. It took me a little over a month and the stitching was very enjoyable.


I’m already well into my next project, a new Extra for BrightSea Village. I’ll post progress photos soon. For now here’s a clue to puzzle over: It’s something that moves but stays in the same place.

You’re Invited

The villagers of BrightSea would be honoured if you’d attend the wedding of two of it’s members at the BrightSea Wedding Chapel. Congratulate them as they come out of the chapel happily married, feast with them in the flower festooned marquee, dance to the music of BrightSea’s favourite Jazz trio – The Waves – in front of the stained glass window and then watch them ride off into the sunset in the horse drawn carriage.