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You’re Invited

The villagers of BrightSea would be honoured if you’d attend the wedding of two of it’s members at the BrightSea Wedding Chapel. Congratulate them as they come out of the chapel happily married, feast with them in the flower festooned marquee, dance to the music of BrightSea’s favourite Jazz trio – The Waves – in front of the stained glass window and then watch them ride off into the sunset in the horse drawn carriage.


Here Comes The . . .

Just this last little bit of stitching to finish before I can put BrightSea Village’s Wedding Chapel together. This is the front and the only bits left to stitch are the members of the wedding party. (I left the best till last.)

If I was stitching this for a wedding gift I’d back-stitch the couple’s names on the white walls above the bluebirds and the month, date and year above them with the date in the red heart.


BrightSea Village Progress

Now that I’ve finished the roof I’m looking forward to stitching all the interesting bits on the remaining side and the front and back of this piece. I’m like the proverbial donkey with the carrot dangling in front of him; when I think of the fun parts to stitch ahead of me I make faster progress.


I’ve been busy designing new patterns too. I lost my scissors for a couple of weeks (again) only to find them under my chair this morning. (They had slipped down the side of the seat and right through.) Fortunately one of my recent designs is a set of scissor fobs. No problem deciding what I’m going to stitch next, then. I’ve also designed two new mini carpets, both in French antique style. I’ve got so many patterns waiting to be stitched and so many designs in my head waiting to become patterns.

No Secret Here

If you hate having surprises ruined look away. Look away now. Don’t let your eyes stray to the picture. Too late? Oopsie.

So, earlier I gave you one mysterious hint about the next BrightSea Village building. I said there was a horse and here he is. I imagine now that you’ve seen what he’s pulling and the style of building he’s standing in front of you’ll know exactly what’s happening here.

As you can see I’m more than halfway through stitching the roof, always a bit of a bugbear for me. The stitching always seems to go faster once I get over that hurdle. As roofs go this has been more interesting to stitch than most. I am so looking forward to stitching the front and back of this one though. That’s where all the excitement is. Wait and see.